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Pursuing Psychology From National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU)

Sakshi Kanojia and Rudrani Mishra

NFSU: College Review for Psychology Courses

If you're looking forward to taking admission in one of the top universities for psychology with national recognition, then the National Forensic Sciences University is definitely a good option!


About the University

National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) has a wide variety of fields and schools related to forensic science and technology, which purely focus on advancing the forensic sector in our country.

It is a ray of hope for all the psychology aspirants, extending broad options to explore the field's practicality.

Psychology Programs Offered at NFSU


The school of behavioral sciences offers the following programs:


M.Phil in Forensic Psychology


M.Phil in Clinical Psychology (RCI APPROVED)


MSc Forensic Psychology


MSc Clinical Psychology


MSc Neuropsychology


MA Criminology with specialization in forensic psychology


PG Diploma in Cyberpsychology


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Eligibility, Duration, and Entrance




Eligibility Criteria


Admission Process

MSc courses i.e. Forensic psychology, Neuropsychology, and Clinical Psychology


B.A./ Psychology or Science with a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent.

2 years








   Entrance exam



MA Criminology with specialization in Forensic psychology


Graduate from any discipline or equivalent from a recognized University with a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent.

2 years

PG Diploma in Cyberpsychology

M.A./ M. Sc. in Psychology or Science with minimum 55% marks or equivalent.

1 year

MPhil Clinical Psychology (RCI Approved)




MPhil Forensic Psychology

M.A./ M. Sc. in Psychology with a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent.

2 years

Entrance exam followed by an interview


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Some Interesting Facts about NFSU


  • It was formerly called Gujarat Forensic Sciences University until the bill was passed in Lok Sabha for national recognition.
  • NFSU now has two campuses- Gujarat (main campus) and Delhi (for diploma courses).
  • It is the first university in India and the world that purely focuses on forensic sciences.
  • They have a huge number of MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with various universities and organizations throughout the world. 

To know more, Click Here.

  • The university also has a government-recognized psychological center that provides therapeutic services to both civilians and offenders.
  • They have a range of equipment for knowledge, including: 
  1. Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS) Profiling
  2. Suspect Detection System (SDS)
  3. Eye Tracker, Polygraph test, 128- & 64- Channel Electrophysiological Recorders and Analyzers
  4. functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)
  5. Layered Voice Analysis (LVA)
  6. Brain Function Therapy (BFT)
  7. Neurofeedback 
  8. More than 250 Test Batteries

NFSU is a great choice for you if you wish to pursue Psychology in India. This institute will help you in your holistic development. With the prestige of an institute like NFSU and your passion for Psychology, you’ll definitely come off with flying colors!









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