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NET/JRF Psychology Paper 2019 December| Answer Key| With Explanations For Every Question

We understand how important is NTA/UGC NET JRF preparation is for you and clearing this exam can a decisive factor for careers. In this Blog you will be able to find some really helpful content in terms of previous year papers for your UGC NET exam preaparation. This article includes:

  • Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2
  • Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2 Answer KEY
  • Explanation for each question with asnwers
  • Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2 UNIT-WISE Analysis 
Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2 is one of the lastest psychology NET exams and it includes some new topics that are based on the latest NTA syllabus for NET exam. The approach also was somewhere changed of the test makers to ask less direct questions and test examinees more on application-based questions. Also we felt the examiner's are moving to some new topics with the recent NET exams.

Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2 & Answer Key - VIEW HERE

Some of the new & important topics that we felt NET examiners are focussing on recently are
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Item Correlation
  • Signal Detection Theory
  • Theories & concepts related to Online Behaviour(e.g. suler's theory)
Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2 EXPLANATIONS for each Question

Ques 1-20: view here
Ques 20-40: view here
Ques 40-65: view here
Ques 65-90: view here
Ques 90-100 (Paragraph based Questions): view here

Dec 2019 UGC NET Psychology Paper 2 UNIT-WISE ANALYSIS
View Video Here
And refer the table below

UNIT 1 11 11%
UNIT 2 10 10%
UNIT 3 10 10%
UNIT 4 17 17%
UNIT 5 13 13%
UNIT 6 8 8%
UNIT 7 4 4%
UNIT 8 9 9%
UNIT 9 13 13%
UNIT 10 5 5%
TOTAL 100 100%

As you can observe, in this exam specifically, the focus was given on the concepts of Biological Psychology, Learning, perception, memory, human development and interventions. We expect to see this trend in coming exams too. Let's see how it goes in future !

We really hope that this article will help you a lot in your preparation and reduce your difficulties in findiing the relibale source of information for the exam.

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