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Military Psychology

Military Psychology: A Budding Field in India

Military psychology deals with the application of psychological principles in the military context. It involves research which leads to better understanding and predicting behaviour in combat situations. This branch focuses on military personnel and their families as well. It is also involved in the placement of military personnel into appropriate categories through various screening tests designed by psychologists. 


It focuses on the interpretation of military mentality. It studies the military environment and provides an insight regarding the weighing stressors present  which can affect the military personnel, both negatively and positively. 



How to become a Military Psychologist in India?

The basic requirement to become a military psychologist is to have an Undergraduate degree in Psychology. Further, this post demands a Masters degree in Psychology or Social Psychology. A PhD or PsyD degree in Psychology is also required to become a military psychologist in order to directly interact with the individuals in military forces. Licensing from The Rehabilitation Council of India acts as a bonus for getting in the ground based work. 

The National School of Leadership also provides a certificate course in Military Psychology. In order to learn more check the details given here: Certificate in Military Psychology and Counseling Level 1



Role of Military Psychologist

A military psychologist works for the following domains: 

  • Provide therapies
  • Research work with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) 
  • Training and psychoeducational activities
  • Recruiting veterans
  • Provide emergency care
  • Providing an extended hand to their families
  • Focusing on preventing a problem 
  • Training to combat
  • Provide counselling sessions to the individuals in military service as well as to the family


The Salary of a military psychologist depends on the rank of the person that he/she has acquired. The definite salary is variable and is subject to the experience in the field. 



Military Psychology is an emerging field in India. The scope of learning as well as contributing is plenty.



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