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Internships for psychology students
Looking to explore the various domains and build your career?

Internships are highly recommended for any student to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their application in real-life scenarios. Internships are offered to 11-12th class school students, undergraduate students, and post-graduate students. 

If you’re looking for internships you can check out the AICTE portal for internships named The Urban Learning Internship Program (TULIP) 

Why should you pursue an internship? 

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An internship provides valuable experience of application of the theoretical concepts and skills learned by students in their academic courses. It also helps in equipping the individual with various skills such as interpersonal skills, and training regarding clinical practices.


Another major advantage is getting the opportunity to network with people from different walks of life who have been pursuing psychology. They can act as mentors and impart knowledge about the practical realities of the subject. 


The mention of an internship in a student’s resume also boosts their professional record. Students aiming to pursue their studies from abroad are recommended to opt for internships as it’s presence can enhance their admission applications.

Where are these internships available?

In psychology there are various options to pursue an internship, the major areas of work include:

  • Hospitals - Individuals interested in pursuing clinical practice can opt for internships in hospitals where they will be working under the guidance of a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Such internships are available in both government and private hospitals. 
  • Benefit: Interns will be getting rigorous hands-on training on how to deal with clients and learn about the actual experience of working in the clinical setting. The learning will consist of taking case histories, conducting Mental Status Examinations, and observing the clients.
  • Wellness Centres and NGOs - Such organizations welcome interns to work with them in various domains such as with specially-abled individuals, rehabilitation centers, and various others.
  • Benefit: Interns would gain knowledge of working in specific environmental settings and enhance their working capabilities for the targeted population.
  • Private Organisations - Students wanting to explore other options that are related to psychology but not comprising the core concepts can opt for this. Such as, psychology students interested to work in corporates can pursue internships in Human Resources in start-ups or established companies under the domain of Organisational Psychology
  • Benefit: Interns will get an understanding of how psychological concepts can be used in any field. They will gain new skills by working in various sectors and understand the technicalities of the work and assimilate it with academic theories.

Paid vs Free


Internships in psychology can be acquired by students by paying a fee or for free. The key differences are as follows:

  • Paid - Paid internships are mostly available in hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers. Interested individuals are asked to pay for such internships as they act as a training course where the interns are trained in dealing with clients in clinical settings.

It is recommended to pursue paid internships from reputed and recognized hospitals or organizations.

  • Free - Various internships are available free of cost. Many NGOs and private organizations offer such internships where they don’t provide rigorous clinical training but dispense essential work experience to students. 

Such internships are good for students who want to explore their options and become aware of the various applications of psychology other than clinical psychology.

Offline vs Online


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Another debatable point is the mode of the internship. Psychology internships are available both offline and online. 

  • Offline - Offline internships are beneficial as they encourage interaction between the mentors and the students. In the offline mode, students can observe their mentor’s work closely and get the interactive experience of working with clients.
  • Online - Sometimes students can not pursue offline internships along with their academic courses due to time paucity. For such students, online internships are a good option. Also, online internships are a boon in the current pandemic situation as they are easily accessible anytime and anywhere.  

During their academic career, students must indulge in internships to gain experience and essential skills of the trade. Internships can result in permanent placements, or at least enhances job-readiness and employability of the students. 



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