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How To Become A Rehabilitation Counselor In India?

How to Become a Rehabilitation Counselor in India?

Ishita Wadhwani

How To Become a Rehabilitation Psychologist |

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Rehabilitation Counselor- Career Outlook


Are you one of those psychology students who do not want their knowledge and skills to be limited just to the walls of a clinic?

Do you imagine yourself working with individuals with special needs and are concerned about their lives?

 If 'Yes,' then being a Rehabilitation Counselor might be your actual call.


What is Rehabilitation Psychology?


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It is that branch of psychology that aims to assist people suffering from chronic health conditions or have physical, mental, emotional, developmental, and cognitive disabilities. In Rehabilitation Psychology, there is a broad range of directions you could go in.


It is meant to maximize these socially disadvantaged individuals' functioning to reach their full potential and heighten their quality of life by attaining employability and independent living. 


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What does a Rehabilitation Counselor Do?


Rehabilitation counseling is much more holistic and dynamic than you think.

Rehabilitation Counselling is a lot more than just a 50-minute counseling session and requires interventions that are activity-oriented.

Some of the significant duties of a rehabilitation counselor include:

  • Helping their client adapt and integrate into society and live as naturally as possible in the community.
  • To empower clients to overcome or manage personal, social, or psychological effects of disabilities on their independent living.
  • Design a treatment plan and provide the appropriate medical care to the clients based on their particular needs and abilities.
  • Assessing the client's personal goals that he/she wants to achieve and developing the required services.
  • Helping clients develop job skills and assisting them in seeking gainful employment based on the detailed evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.

Where do Rehabilitation Counselors Work?


 What can I do with a Masters in HR - Rehabilitation Counseling? - The  Campus Career Coach

Typical work settings include:

  • Nursing homes
  • Vocational Rehabilitation settings
  • Residential Care facilities 
  • Unemployment Offices/Job Placement
  • Disability Centers
  • Family and Individual Services 
  • State Government Facilities                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Qualifications Required to be a Rehabilitation Counselor



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Institutions Offering Courses in Rehabilitation Counseling 



Here are listed a few more institutes offering the study of Rehabilitation Psychology in India:


Rehabilitation Counseling is a fast-growing Counseling Specialty in India. It is also the only counseling specialty with the knowledge base to serve all people with disabilities. If you have the motivation to make the lives of people with special needs more comfortable and much more worth-living than they think it is, then this is one of the best career options for you!



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