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How To Become A Dance Movement Therapist In India?



 Vani Bajaj and Sukhali Kaur


Becoming a Dance Movement Therapist in India


Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in your area of interest by also adding your hobbies to that plate as a dessert? If yes, then it's time you blend your interest in Psychology and your amazing hobby of dancing by pursuing a career in Dance Movement Therapy! How? Read the full article to know more about it.

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Who is a Dance Movement Therapist?


A dance movement therapist employs bodily-kinesthetic skills of the body to heal a person mentally and physically. Just like a masseuse hits the right acupuncture points, similarly, a dance movement therapist knows what steps to inculcate to smoothen a person’s functioning, especially boosting their self-esteem and helping with body image issues. It can unleash energy by removing obstructions prevalent in mental as well as physical wellbeing.


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Requirements to Pursue a Dance Movement Therapist Career

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To become a dance movement therapist, one needs to be practicing dance in any form (like jazz, ballet, hip-hop, any folk dance, or classical dance) for at least five years in college or even before that. It is preferable if one has studied psychology in the Bachelors for entering a Master's degree program in dance therapy. 

Apart from this, to become a dance movement therapist, one should have a Master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in dance movement therapy. One can also pursue diploma courses in Dance Movement Therapy. 


Indian Institutes Offering this Course

Dance therapy in India is still a very new form of therapy hence there are only a selected few institutions offering the course.


S. no. 

Name of the Institute 

Course offered

Link for the official website


Women’s Christian college in association with East-west center for Counselling and Training

Expressive Art Therapy

Click here


Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Diploma in dance movement therapy

Click here


SHRISTI Center of Performing Arts and Institute

Dance movement therapy course

Click here

Universities Offering a Course Around the Globe

  1. Sarah Lawrence College, USA
  2. Drexel University, USA 
  3. Liverpool Hope University

Just like this, you can find a decent number of universities offering a course in dance movement therapy. 


Prevalence of Dance Movement Therapy in India

Dance Movement Therapy is still very limited in India with most of the population not even being aware of its existence. However, on the other hand, this profession might grow in the coming years in India, especially since psychology as a subject has started to come into the limelight.

The preparation for dance movement therapy requires basic knowledge of psychology at the undergraduate level. Dance movement therapy is a field that is flourishing and has a tremendous scope in the future.



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