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Does The New National Education Policy 2020 Discontinue M.Phil In Psychology?

On July 29, the Union Cabinet approved the New National Education Policy 2020 which caused a major stir among the educationists and students. One of the causes of concern for Psychology students was the recommendation of the scrapping of the M.Phil program. Thousands of Psychology students who wish to pursue the training oriented course remain doubtful of the efficacy of the course in the future. Here, we have summed up all you need to know regarding the presumed doing away of M.Phil in Psychology program, what the proposed changes are, and what you should expect for the future.

The apprehension circulating among students

The New National Education Policy 2020 mentions that “The M.Phil programme shall be discontinued”. It is being held that the proposed change is in order to initiate a “liberal education”. The suggestion is for the alternatives of a 4-years research-oriented bachelors’ degree or a 2-years master's degree in place of M.Phil after the conventional 3-year graduation programme. In the alternative master's programme, it is suggested to maintain the second year as one completely dedicated to the research work.

Thus, these recommendations have created apprehensions among students as to whether they will be able to pursue M.Phil in Clinical Psychology in upcoming academic suggestions or not.
Students are worried about the fact that the currently adopted Masters's curriculum in most Indian universities does not allow them to provide a break-through into the research. The M.Phil in Clinical Psychology programme, on the other hand, gives students an opportunity to do away with the ambiguity of what and how to pursue research for their Ph.D. as well as trains them for clinical practice.

Psychology students have been left wondering with the options of how they would be able to pursue clinical practice without an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology. However, students do not need to worry.

Watch this video for the impact of New Education Policy 2020 on Psychology students.

The position for students wanting to pursue M.Phil in Psychology

As stated above, those Psychology students who wish to pursue M.Phil in Psychology do not need to worry about the course being scrapped. This is for the following main reasons:
  • The proposal for discontinuation of M.Phil in the National Education Policy 2020 is for the research-oriented M.Phil programmes, while M.Phil in Clinical Psychology is a training-oriented programme. There is no mention of scrapping M.Phil in Clinical Psychology yet.
  • At most, there are likely to be changes of the nature of giving the same programme some other name or making it fall into another category of courses.
  • Finally, and most importantly, an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology is required to get the license from RCI for beginning the practice in the field of clinical psychology. Therefore, the course is not likely to be scrapped soon without the alternatives mandated by RCI. This is elaborated in further detail below.
Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) is the top government body that regulates training programs aimed for disadvantaged, differently-abled, and special education requirement communities. To get the license for practicing as a clinical psychologist, it is essential to complete M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from an institute recognized by the RCI. Therefore, the students must rest assured that the programme will not be scrapped from the universities in the near future.

Moreover, an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, being a training-oriented programme, is not the same as other other research-oriented M.Phil courses. It imparts practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge. It is designed to get the students acquainted with the skills, knowledge, and experience required for starting a profession in a clinical setting along with the research work.

It makes students eligible for employment in rehabilitation centres, hospitals, NHS local councils, and as teachers, lecturers, and professionals in various organizations.

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The students who are currently enrolled need not fret. They will receive their licenses from RCI on completion of the programme and will be eligible to pursue the clinical practice. Even if the M.Phil curriculum is discontinued, there will be another RCI authorized training based program, following the same system, for the students of Psychology.

Therefore, as a student of Psychology, you should not worry about the benefits and efficacy of M.Phil in Psychology. If you are already enrolled, continue to study with enthusiasm. If you are looking forward to taking admission in the programme, work hard for your entrance exams without bothering about changing your plans.

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