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The Goal of Therapy:  
Psychotherapy: CBT and REBT                  
Talk Therapy is an epigenetic medicine that is aimed towards the dissolution of problems at the emotional level and mental problems of other sorts. Every talk therapy facilitates the client to unfold his/her potential for positive growth and increase self-awareness so that one can find a healthy resolution of problems.

Giving it a technical name- psychotherapy; it can be categorized into three major systems of psychotherapy :

1. Psychodynamic Therapy
2. Behavior Therapy
3. Humanistic-existential therapy

Now, let's discuss COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (CBT) and RATIONAL EMOTIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (REBT). These two therapies fall under the broad system of Behavior Therapy.

                        Human mind

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Behavioral interventions identify dysfunctional patterns of action or thoughts as significant contributors to psychological distress. And, cognitive therapies emphasize on the positioning of irrational thoughts and beliefs that triggers psychological distress. CBT is an effective fusion of both and is widely used as the desired treatment.

A varied range of psychological disorders is treatable by CBT, like generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorders, etc. CBT is a comprehensive therapeutic technique that successfully addresses biological, social, and psychological realms.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

                        Albert Ellis (Propounder of REBT)

Albert Ellis is the propagator of REBT. This therapy focuses largely on the passive removal of one's irrational thoughts. We are not disturbed by certain events until we tend to perceive those events in a skewed way and interpret them differently.

People have irrational beliefs about themselves and their surroundings, which leads to problems. From the 1950s, Ellis began working on this.

The basic framework of REBT includes identification of irrational beliefs or thought patterns, being able to confront and challenge them, and finally gaining insight, thereby changing the behavior.

REBT is also considered as a therapy of choice. It is found to be most effective for patients with depression, panic disorder, suicidal thoughts, and addictive behaviors.




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