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A Career In Child Psychology In India

Bisman, Vrutika

A Career in Child Psychology in India



Child Psychology: Career Outlook 


"A child needs encouragement like a plant needs water." – Rudolf Dreikurs.

Does being with children always satisfy you at the end of the day? Then a career in Child Psychology and working with children seems a bonus for your soul. This blog will guide you about careers applicable in the field of Child Psychology apart from the general teaching arena.


What is Child Psychology?


Child Psychology is studying children's minds and behavior throughout their developmental stages, from prenatal development to adolescence.



It deals with Learning disabilities, Anxiety and Panic disorders, Genetic disorders, Difficulty in Speech, Auditory and Visual Aids, Cerebral Palsy, Trauma, and Addiction; the list is endless. Child psychologists develop individualized interventions for the patient; educate family members about specific behaviors.  


Skills Required to become a Child Psychologist

  • Flexible Communication and Active Listening
  • Treating every child neutrally (Objectivity)
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Sensitivity
  • Successful Rapport Establishment
  • A positive outlook with core Ethical Values

Being emotionally detached and not bringing in any subjective feelings when working in this profession is one of the most critical skills needed to be a Child Psychologist.


Work Settings



Child Psychologists can work in varied work settings. Some professions under Child Psychology are:

  • School Counselling 
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Social work
  • Guidance and counseling

These are some of the many areas where Child Psychologists work rigorously. They can work in Hospitals, Schools, Government Organisations, and Private Practices.


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How to Pursue?


To pursue Child Psychology, the minimum eligibility is:

  • Having Psychology as one of the subjects in higher secondary education (not mandatory);
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology;
  • Master's Degree in Psychology/Diploma courses in guidance and counseling;
  • For further career prospects: MPhil/Ph.D.

To know more about PG Diploma courses, watch this video.



Institutes Offering a Course in Child Psychology


Having a befitting institute/university that's teaching both theoretical and practical methods is a priority. 

Here are some of India's best institutes:


To know more about Child Psychology, watch this video How to Become a Child Psychologist?


It is both a privilege and responsibility in itself to go forward with Child Psychology as a career. Like Dr. Monalisa Palit, a Senior Clinical Psychologist specialized in children and adolescents at VIMHANS, said, "It is easier to counsel children than adults because they are more receptive, open to change and learn (Hindustan Times)." If you find yourself aligned with the information in this blog, then "You can do it!"



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